26 Aug. 2017

I am leaving for Chuuk Island tomorrow.

QRV again!!

  • 28 Aug - 4 Sep 2017, V63KS from Chuuk Islands, Micronesia (IOTA OC - 011)

14 Nov. 2016

V633KS is planning the QRV on 80m and 160m on March 2017, again.

25 Oct. 2016

I success the upload to LoTW !!
Please check your QSO with V633KS.

18 Oct. 2016

LoTW:  I request the V633KS callsign certificate before.  Now waiting return!!
Direct : I sent a QSL-card one by one!.  Please wait.

26 Sep. 2016

We arrived at Fukuoka airport, just today.
In Chuuk, WiFi was very slow so couldn't up to Web, sorry.

19 Sep. 2016

We arived the Chuuk Islands! and making the antenas . 
Now start  V633ZH and V633KS !

17 Sep. 2016

Final test of Rig And AMP. Input 10w - Output 1KW!

JToshiya JH6ZHZ maked the Antena for 160m, so we try 160m every day.

15 Sep. 2016

JA6REX is testins Laptop Computa and the Camera.

14 Sep. 2016

Now testing CrankIR

12 Sep. 2016

My AMP SPE expert 1.3K-FA was broken. But I hyer the another SPE expert 1.3K-FA from H&C Ham Shop. Very thank.

30 Aug. 2016

JH6HZH now making on 160m  Antena. If it will wiorking, we try QRV on 160.

26 Aug. 2016

We test the CrankIR and Dipole antenas

16 Jan, 2016

Toshiya JH6ZHZ and Susumu JA6REX decide to DX Expedition in Christmas Island(VK9X) or Micronesia(V6) in 2016.